Tera Yaar Hoon Main - तेरा यार हूँ मैं - Ep 159 - Coming Up Next

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    About Tera Yaar Hoon Main :
    Rajeev Bansal, a simpleton is blessed with a happy loving family. But with the passage of time, he desires to befriend his son Rishab, who shares a really close bond with his mother Jhanvi. Rishab confides in his mom, shares his banal moments with her but doesn’t share the same rapport with his father. Here’s a slice of the live show that depicts how a father tries to build his friendship with a hesitant son and nurtures their relationship with his warmth and understanding.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Technical gaming

      I am rishabh hey freinds

    2. Kamini Bhatt

      Shakti died

    3. Nothing Creator

      Ab maja aayega aur ab barry aur rishab ki friendship bhi ho jayegi. Because kal barry kuch alag andaaz me lag raha tha

    4. Rama Garad

      Aladdin season 4 kab aayega

    5. rsha heri

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    6. priya kumari official

      🌹💋💋🌹जिस्म से प्यार करने वाले क्या जाने की खुबसूरती क्या होती है💋🌹💋🌹💋🌹💋🌹💋🌹💋

    7. The MKS YT

      "" Any " School " College " Students" Here ""💓

      1. sean Dsouza


      2. Sonu Kumar


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    9. siddharth chakraborty

      but shakti does great acting he is a better actor than rajeev bansal

    10. Angel Prena

      Barry is my favorite character

      1. Ahmed Shahid

        Even I don't like him because he is stealing rishabh`s father

      2. Somodeep Goswami

        I dislike Barry very much 😤😤


      105 subs hogaye thnx 110 karwado guys


      105 subs hogaye thnx 110 karwado guys

    13. Sanjana Singhaniya

      "One Of The People Who Like This You Will Be a Billionaire One Day" "GOOD LUCK"❤️💖♥️

    14. Rohit gaming

      Apki maa ki Umar kitni honi chahiye ? 1 SUBSCRIBE = 100 Years 😇

    15. T Zeya Gaming

      Any school and college students here

    16. Anukul Rathod

      Ye galat hai shakti villain ko kuch nahi hona chahiyen kya acting karta hai wo great

      1. Angel Prena


    17. Shailesh Kulkarni

      I think there will be a misconception between the Daljit and and Rajiv and later Rajiv with against scold and curse Daljit which is totally unfair also I wish ki Shakti get arrested I think Daljit and Rajiv should to get the decide and plan against Shakti so that he will be arrested and there will be a lot of proofs also

      1. Twisha Mehta

        And chalo if shakti is leaving from this show so until now the news have been announced that shakti will not be there in this show..but this not happened...which means he will escape any how from this situation

      2. Twisha Mehta

        Becoz this story now is between devar bhabhi and rajeev I don't think that shakti will be trapped in there plan. Becoz shakti is very chalak and he is lawyer too so he will do anything and escape from this situation. And if shakti goes so what will be the story left by makers? Here, shakti is main character he will not go so easily

      3. Twisha Mehta

        No this will not happen

      4. siddharth chakraborty

        yah true now shakti will be arrested its time now he gets arrested because of him bansals suffered a lot

    18. SMARTY FF ꪜ

      To the one person who is reading this i can say: You’re Cool and Awesome, stay safe 👍

      1. T Zeya Gaming



      =Any school and College students here=...

    20. SMARTY FF ꪜ

      पहले में गरीब थी फिर मैने फ्री फायर खेलना शुरू किया और फिर में कंगाल हो गई😂😁🎉