Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai - जीजाजी छत पर कोई है - Ep 24 - Coming Up Next

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    About The Show:
    Two families, Jaldirams and Jindals live in a two-story house in Karolbagh, whose ownership is claimed by both and they are constantly at loggerheads with each other. In the midst of all this, there is a mystery surrounding the property. An abandoned locked room in the house is said to be haunted. Will the mystery of the haunted room be resolved? Who will get the true rights to the property? Come witness this mad roller coaster of a laugh riot!
    #Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai

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    1. Salman Khan


    2. reflex boy

      please Nikhil Khurana ko Wapas lao 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    3. Arpita Saha

      Aj valai jijaji ka love fake hai lakin kabhi na kabhi to enka love real ho jayega.

    4. Sahie Muaql

      shubahish jha exing talks abouat old back new jijaji , replcts replacing serial cast age & salary - hiba nawab , shagun pandey , jijaji chhat parr koii hai - sony sab - 8 april - 2021 - hindi

    5. Vibha Harischandrakar

      The bhootni is soo rude😏

    6. Bapi Dibya

      Bekar hai it is not like jcph iske as paas bhi nahi so and I like elaichi and pancham character

    7. Bidhya Bhandari

      Wow how romantic epp

    8. ranjit spidy

      Jija cp ko ramantic banaraha hai

    9. Nanda dulal Sutradhar

      I wish ki natak natak mein jijaji ko cp se real love hojaye

    10. Rama Garad

      Aladdin season 4 kab aayega

    11. meera Yadav

      Why she come between both of them 😭

    12. Ab Aa

      So excited 🤩

    13. Ab Aa

      Jealous Bhootni

    14. Ab Aa

      Yesterday episode was so funny , and the guy sitting there was JiJa omg

    15. Baam

      CP ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 Elaichi ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 Hiba ❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

    16. Sanjana Singhaniya

      हे भगवान!जो मेरा कमेन्ट पढ रहा हे उसके माँ_ पपा लम्बी उम्र हो।💯💯❤️💔💖🍇🥀💖🍇🍇

    17. rsha heri

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    18. Master Blaster

      Today's episode was full of suspense......Next level 😅😅😅 Waise ChadraPrabha (Bhootni) ka short form bhi CP hi hota hai.......😅😅😅

      1. Ravindra Pandey


    19. P2 Motivation

      *"""Any 🏫 school and college students are here...*

      1. shoib khan

        you have any problem

      2. Balkishan Kateja

        I am in school.

    20. The MKS YT

      "" Any " School " College " Students" Here ""💓


      Bechara jijee

    22. pooja,Shorts

      जो टिप्पणी पर पड़ा रहा है उसकी माता पिता का बड़ी बड़ी उम्र शुभकामनाएं हमारी मांगे पूरी करो हमारी विश्वास मत तोड़ो रही हो

    23. mohsin sheikh

      Zada mu mat khol makhi chali Gayi gi🤣🤣🤣

    24. Aiman Khan

      Tu jija r cp ki janam ki kahani hai ajki epi se yeh bt clear hugai tbhi bhootni cp ku kisi b larky k st huny nai daiti

    25. being human

      Ye bhootani to Puri le rhi hai jija ki... Bichara jija.. 😂😋😋

    26. tik tok shorts videos


    27. Fariha Sadia

      Uffff jijaji aur cp ki bich love story shuru hone hi wala hota ha ki wo bhootni hamesha kabab me haddi ban jati ha yr what's her problem with cp n jijaji love story

    28. Joydeep Das

      Very excited for upcoming episodes.

    29. sreyasi das

      ye jija to galat kar raha hain....ab to vootni hi sahi hain.....cp ko bachayegi jija se...

      1. Deepika Aneja

        @sreyasi das ha toh jija ne sahi hi toh kiya issi bahane cp aur jija ki Love story shuru ho jayegi aur phir baad mein jija ko bhi cp se sach mein pyaar ho jayega.

      2. sreyasi das

        @Deepika Aneja property k liye cp se shadi karna chahata hain

      3. Deepika Aneja

        Jija ne kya galat kiya?

    30. Jayesh ghone

      Kya vo bhootni elaichi he

      1. ミ Mคђєรђ Kย๓คг ミ


    31. baby recreation

      So excited to seee😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    32. Tinni Akter

      Love from Bangladesh ❤️❤️

    33. Sonu Kataria

      I am so excited for upcoming episode jijaji acting expression all are superb ❤️

    34. Mario 421

      ""Any school and college students is here........

    35. HARSHU

      yes..... One thing there that in the upcoming episode it seems that with eyes bhootni control her (CP) scooty 😂so why shw get thw getup of cp with eyes she can do that thingb

    36. Veeru Rathod

      0:32 bhootni bohot powerful hai 🧐 lekin Khushi iss baat ki hai ki Jijaji romantic ho raha hai waah kya baat hai excited for upcoming episode 🤩

      1. Veeru Rathod

        @शुभम मौर्य mujhe bhi nahi pata 🤣😂

      2. Veeru Rathod

        @Mukul Risbud correct

      3. Veeru Rathod

        @Mukul Risbud yes mystery badti ja rahi hai yaar

    37. Palak Shrivastav

      Jab CP aur Jijaji sath mein Hote To bahut cute Lagte Hain

    38. Ravindra Pandey

      Aaj ka episode kuch alag tha Matlab 2- 2 chandra prabha Ek chandra prabha ne apne lover ko maar diya or aaj 2osri chandra prabha jija ji ko Main to shock 😲 ho gayi thi jija ka chehra dekh kar ab maja aega 😝 Or natak natak mein jija ko real mein pyaar ho jaega cp se Kaash aisa hi ho

      1. Ravindra Pandey

        @Fariha Tasfia Haque hmm I also think so

      2. Ab Aa

        @Fariha Tasfia Haque oh yes u maybe right , omg so excited

      3. Fariha Tasfia Haque

        Did you understand chandra prava? It means cp in short form, and idk what happened but maybe in the past bhootni's lover only wanted her property that's why he made her fall in love with him, but in the end he also fell in love with her and got married, but then bhootni found out that he only made her fall in love with him just for the property, and in sorrow she killed him without knowing the fact that he also fell in love with her, and maybe she still doesn’t know that he loved her, and that’s why she Isn't letting cp getting married, cause if she didn’t got her love cp wouldn’t either, and in this janam jijaji is cp's lover, that's why maybe she saw that her lover's face changed, and maybe she doesn’t want cp to get married cause she doesn’t believe in love anymore, and maybe she doesn’t want a heart break for cp like how it happened to her, and also she is seeing it that jijaji is only doing this for the property, and maybe she knows that love will only give her heart break and that's why she wants her to be single for ever.

    39. Vaishali Karwadia

      I like katelal and jijaji chat par koi hai

      1. paras arora crazy fan

        yes i also ....my favourite show are katelal & sons. jijaji chat per koi hai. ...😂 ..


      104 subs hogaye thnx 110 subs karwado guys


      104 subs hogaye thnx 110 subs karwado guys

    42. The Muiz ify

      Ye kya chal Raha he show mein ye kya mystery hai cp ki humshakal jo hai baar baar cp aur jijaji ki dosti kyun nahin hone de rahi hai If you like the comment 👍👍👍👍 then press and reply 👇👇👇

      1. Deepika Aneja

        Aaj ka episode dekhne ke baad mujhe lag raha hai ki jo bhootni hai vo jijaji ko cp se bacha rahi hai kyuki ajj ke episode mein ye dikhaya tha ki jijaji ko ek ladki ne maar diya tha aur vo ladki bilkul cp jaisi dikhti thi. Ho sakta hai ki vo chandra Prabha ki twin sister ho.

    43. A2z Duniya

      any school and class Student here👌

    44. Tuhin Mondal

      Pehli baar feel hua bhootni mat start hone do love angle Property k lia pyar thodi hota hain

      1. Ved Sharma

        Arre .... but baad main sachme pyar ho ji jayega na.....yeh toh hona hi hai

    45. Palak Shrivastav

      In Today episode Hiba mam is very Beautiful cute and pretty in lehenga😊😊

    46. 19 om Mayekar 6E

      Not again😣...dubara ye bhootni agayi CP aur Jajaji ke bich mein😒

      1. 19 om Mayekar 6E

        @Mukul Risbud wahi toh inn dono ke bich mein zara sa moment hua nahi ye aa jati hai😒

      2. Arpita Som 12

        Yes ... Yhi chlega aesa hi... Isliye to ye show bkwas bnn chuka hai🥺🥺🥺

    47. devil is back TARUN

      Bhoothni ne aacha kam nahi ki ya uski man ki wo ek chota sa tv show hai maghar muje nahi pasan hai ki bhoothni jija ji kho sath hai

    48. Sonu Kataria

      Bhutni always spoils all moments I don't like this bhutni😡😡

      1. Pavan Kumar

        @Astha Ananya Moharana Jijaji character thinks CP and her family has cheated them by drugging his father and getting signed. Now he doesn't know it was done by senior CP. So he is taking revenge.

      2. nigguk hesgsgsb

        Sahi baat hai agar jija sachmai ussko pyaar karta toh sahad hum bhootni par guusa hota lekin bhootni jo kiya wo sahi tha

      3. Astha Ananya Moharana

        But iss baar bhutni ne bilkul Sahi kiya... Jijaji property ke liye cp se pyar ka natak kar Raha hai.... aur bhootni cp ko bacha Rahi hai... Taki wo iss jhute jija ke chaal main na phase...

      4. Sonu Kataria

        @Pavan Kumar yes you are absolutely right

      5. Aarya Wadekar

        @Pavan Kumar yes

    49. HARSHU

      jija making to feel her his love and get the haveli😂 In between the episode he said....

      1. nigguk hesgsgsb

        @Amitava Mandal yeah

      2. susmita Ghosh

        @kris wayne I guess he's the reincarnation

      3. kris wayne

        In Yesterday's episode chandraprabha saw jija in that room Was it because he's also reincarnation of her lover or she started loving him?

      4. Anita Lokhande


      5. HARSHU

        @susmita Ghosh yes.... You are right i remember that now

    50. Dasrath Thakor

      Aladdin season 4

      1. Aarya Wadekar

        Kab ka aake chala gaya

      2. S R

        Baaki ka kab aya 2,3 ?

    51. dhruvikhavdu dhruvikhavdu

      ye bhutni kyu kar rahi hai kyu bich me ahahi hai kuch to hai yaar 🤔😯

      1. dhruvikhavdu dhruvikhavdu

        @Aman Aaryan ha

      2. Aman Aaryan

        Kuch to hai ye to sabko pata hai 😂😂

    52. Palak Shrivastav

      CP ne jijaji ka accident Kar Diya Bhootni ke ishaare se

    53. HARSHU

      Upcoming twists in the episode were awesome but bhootni also everytime spoils they romance in better


      Chalo ek raaz to khula 💓

    55. devil is back TARUN

      11 veiw

    56. unnati

      cute moments of jiaji and cp so sweet excited for tommrows ep todays episode

      1. Ritu Basnet

        Kiu nahi jcpkh is best horror comedy serial

    57. richi gupta

      Still can't get any name for both Sad 😂😂🤣

      1. Tanisha Verma

        @Saharsh6 one night before holi episode

      2. richi gupta

        @Nilima Sahoo your welcome 😊😊

      3. Nilima Sahoo

        Thank you

      4. richi gupta

        For the first time Chandra Prabha was said in episode 18

      5. Nilima Sahoo

        But in which episode???


      3d. Veiw

    59. Arham KZ

      Pakistan ka time adhe ganta Piche he

    60. Jourise Uddin

      Is bhoottt Niki bacchi koto main chorungi nahi😬😬😬

    61. Aarya Wadekar

      A new confusion today. Jijaji was there in the room with ghost. Who the heck is the original man there? 😱😱😱

      1. kris wayne

        @Aarya Wadekar ok

      2. Aarya Wadekar

        @kris wayne even I doubt the same. When will the mystry's opening shut the confusion... 😩😩

      3. kris wayne

        I didn't get y was she smiling when she saw jija instead of her lover? Is she in love with jija?

      4. Pavan Kumar

        It's her imagination and recollecting the past. Maybe she was also cheated.

      5. Aarya Wadekar

        @शुभम मौर्य 🤣🤣🤣

    62. T Zeya Gaming

      Any school and college students here....

    63. It's Abhiha

      Lots of love from Pakistan

    64. Fatima Islam

      Plssssss update next episode today plssssss I want to see plssssss update plssssss it is very important plssssss update plssssss

    65. Vansh Babbar

      Bhootni ne jija ko bhi mAar diya

    66. Pyare Sharma

      Jija romantic ho rha h 😂😅

      1. Sreejita Sen

        @Amitava Mandal ha mujha pata ha jijaji cp’k close ayaga phir dira dira payar ho Jayga

      2. Anjali Rathod

        @Mukul Risbud 😂

      3. Sreejita Sen

        @Mukul Risbud true

      4. Sreejita Sen

        Ha boot romance ho raha ha

    67. Vansh Babbar


    68. Arham KZ

      3rd comment From Pakistan Pakistan me adhe gante Jaldi aten hen sare Indian shows

      1. Ankita Prusti

        Kyunki India aur Pakistan ke time main 30 mins ka fark hai

    69. *Faisal* *Ahamed*

      *Love from Bangladesh ❤️❤️🇧🇩*

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    71. SAM GAMING



      =Any school and College students here=,,